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Attention, determined individuals who want to lose weight. I'm ready to hand you my proven, streamlined simple system for losing weight easily, looking and feeling great right away...even if you're eating potato chips as you read this...

Look And Feel Great With Dr. Karen Vieira, Biomedical Scientist

Could It Really Be This Easy To Lose Weight, Have More Energy...And Keep It That Way For Life?

The answer is YES! And if you want to learn the REAL secrets of losing weight with no struggle, so that you enjoy the self confidence of looking thinner and finally have the energy to enjoy life while not living on rabbit food and gym routines...this will be the most important thing you read this year...

From: Karen Vieira, Ph.D., “The Trim Down Coach”

My cozy home office in West Palm Beach, FL
Tuesday, 1pm ET

Dear Healthy-Minded Person,

And finally...

Do you secretly wish that someone would just HAND you the quickest, simplest and most direct weight loss path possible... so you can just get to the fun part - looking and feeling great?

We may not know each other yet, but I'll bet that "wanting to lose weight" - be it a few pounds or a few hundred pounds - is soooo much more than just to "be healthy"'s to TRANSFORM your life.

And the great news for you (and for anyone wanting to lose weight) is that over the past few decades, weight loss research has EXPLODED so there is a wealth of knowledge about what works.

But here's the problem...

Just because there is an abundance of research DOESN'T mean that all the weight loss products, workout DVDs and fat burners you hear about and see advertised actually work!

Just because the product or program is popular or sounds great doesn't mean it will automatically work for you.

And when your diet or pills fail miserably....or when you are constantly sore from the gym but don't look any different in the mirror...or when you have done everything the doctor said but are still the same size...

...You may be wondering if your dream of losing weight is even possible.

Well, I'm here to tell you that YES, it IS possible to easily lose weight and KEEP IT OFF.

Best of all, you DON'T have to wait till you find the perfect diet to try, figure out the right workout, buy the right health foods or get new weight loss pills. You can lose weight and look great while still eating what you love.

How I Went From Eating Like The Average American And Being Sick All The Time To Looking And Feeling Great (Even After Having 2 Kids) By Tossing All The Conventional Diet "Stuff" OUT The Window

I have sickle cell disease, which is a genetically-inherited disease that causes excrutiating pain and horrible side effects. I used to be sick and in pain a lot in my childhood and young adult years. I struggled with it for years and kept it mostly under control on and off, but during my first pregnancy it got really bad. I was in a hospital ICU for weeks.

And even worse, during pregnancy I had gained a lot of weight and didn't lose most of it after my daughter was born. I remember thinking that I would never get back into my old clothes. So I was constantly sick and couldn't fit into my clothes! I was miserable.

I would lie awake at night fretting about how to lose that weight and wondering if I would ever get into my old clothes, I was so tired of constantly being in pain from my sickle cell disease. I knew that the answers had to already be out there and I just needed to find them.

Here's where my career came into play. You probably noticed the Dr. in front my name - but I'm not an MD though...even cooler, I have a doctorate in Biomedical Sciences. That means I have hands-on knowledge of conducting and understanding medical studies, which most MDs have no clue about, unfortunately. I've come up with and run a variety of health and nutritional studies - all the way from laboratory research and animal research to studies with patients. At one point I worked for the largest food company in America researching healthy ingredients for foods and supplements.

If a doctor is going to comb through hundreds of thousands of studies in the National Library of Medicine, it's extremely important that the doctor knows what they're looking for and has experience telling good studies from crappy ones. So I was definitely the one for this job. And I jumped right in, finding answers both for losing weight and for controlling my sickle cell.

I made some small changes in my diet and lifestyle that pretty much cured my sickle cell and got me back to the weight I wanted to be. I was so happy that I had lost the weight, got my 6 pack abs back all while still indulging in my favorite treats. And did I mention, I had all but cured my sickle cell?!

The experience completely changed my life. And along the way, I discovered some surprising truths behind what you may THINK you know about weight loss, dieting and exercise...

I went on to hands-on work with friends, family and then later clients that wanted to lose weight, teaching them how to keep the weight off for life using the tricks I've learned along the way.

The REAL Reason Why You Aren't Looking Or Feeling Great... YET

Once I cracked the code on what it REALLY takes to easily lose weight, boost my energy and improve my health, I almost immediately got to my ideal weight, energy and health...and stayed there...even after having another baby...I am permanently at my ideal weight and health, plus I haven't been in hospital with a sickle cell crisis in years.

And here's the GREAT news!

Not only are the "missing links" very simple... as a determined person, you are already gifted in the exact skills you need to make it work. (How cool is this?)

The REAL reason why you don't weigh what you want to weigh and haven't been able to lose weight at will (YET) is THIS...

There are little things you are doing that are sabotaging your success and you don't even know. You may be eating healthy, working out, taking supplements and more but not seeing any difference.

Now you might be thinking, "Hey, that's me!"... especially if you're starving yourself, counting calories, avoiding carbs, working out hard, and spending lots of money on supplements, drinks and pills that don't result in the results you want.

That's my "big WHY" behind this workshop... why I'm ready to HAND you my ENTIRE system on how to look and feel AND forever.

So without further ado, announcing...

Building Blocks For Healthy Living Workshop:
How To Lose Weight Now Or Anytime You Want To
While Eating What You Love And Living Your Life Comfortably

You're about to discover my proven step-by-step plan which teaches you EXACTLY how to take the shortest (and quickest) path possible to looking and feeling matter what you weigh now or how long you've been trying to lose weight!

Here's just a SAMPLING of what you'll discover when you take this step-by-step weight loss workshop...

Class 1 FAT BURNING: The Secret Of Why Your Body Isn't The Fat-Burning Machine It Was Made To Be (Even If You've Been Eating Right And Exercising)

(The secret to easily losing weight or maintaining your ideal weight...without even changing what you eat)

Most healthy-minded people read endless weight loss books and articles and by the end of it all they are so confused. One book will recommend eating 6 meals a day to boost your metabolism and lose weight. Then a diet plan that others are raving about will say to only eat 2 meals a day. Then there are diets like the grapefruit diet, low carb diets that have you eating mostly meat and veggies, and of course there are the vegan diets with no meat.

And if you've ever tried to follow any diet to the letter, you know how difficult some of them are, taking away the foods you love to eat and not helping you look or feel any different... YET.

There's a simple solution! You can go from "trying the [fill-in-the-blank] diet" to losing lots of weight with just one step: get crystal-clear on HOW your body uses food after you eat it and WHAT causes the body to start burning the fat you desperately want to get rid of. And in this class I'll show you exactly how to do it WITHOUT giving up your favorite foods or working out like a psycho.

You'll discover...

BONUSES you'll get with Class 1:

Class 2 HEALTHY HABITS: How To Make Tiny Changes For Huge Impact On Your Weight, Energy And Overall Health

(The secret to making small painless changes that produce massive results)

Many of my clients eat healthy and seemingly do all the right things but can never seem to lose any weight or even stop gaining weight. It's not because they don't know which foods are healthy. It's because there are little habits they have that they don't even know they're doing that are keeping them stuck. In this class I'll help you find all those little habits you're doing and make a plan for switching to the healthier version of those habits.

Bottom line: awareness of those habits makes it easy to eliminate them…without you having to push, motivate, convince or BEG yourself to do it.

You'll discover...

BONUSES you'll get with Class 2:

Class 3 SUPPLEMENTS AND EXERCISE: How To Use Supplements and Exercise To Help You Reach Your Weight, Energy Or Health Goals

(The secret to stop wasting your money on the wrong supplements and your time doing the wrong exercises!)

Guess what? There are supplements that can help you feel great RIGHT NOW. Yes, really!

If you're convinced otherwise, here's the thing...recently a lot of not-so-great supplements have been promoted as being the best things ever. But just because you may have been disappointed by supplements before doesn't mean that aren't great ones that can really make you feel great. I'll teach you which ones really are worth their weight in gold, the ones that help the pounds to disappear, energy to appear, blood sugar to stay in check, your brain to focus easily and more - as if done by magic.

Uncovering how and when to properly use exercise is a key skill too, one that stops you from wasting your time on exercises that don't work. And it's the KEY to having your body stay in shape no matter what you eat.

Once you learn these secrets, you'll have plenty of additional ways to look and feel great! You'll discover...

BONUSES you'll get with Class 3:

Class 4 FOODS DECODED: Truly Healthy Foods And Cooking Finally Defined So You Actually Know How To Make Healthy Choices

(The secret to cutting through the lies from the food industry)

This module might be my very favorite because it's the point where I hold your hand and show you how to really make healthier choices if that's what you're ready to do (and if you're not ready now, at least you will have all the info for when you are ready!).

If the thought of "changing anything" makes you uncomfortable, I have great news: These changes make you feel great so they are NOT difficult for you to fall in love with. This is about getting rid of the junk that has become the modern diet and eating foods that our bodies were made to eat.

When you learn how to spot healthy foods in a grocery store or restaurant you'll always be able to shop healthy if you want to.

In this class, I'll reveal all my secrets to "taking healthy to another level" by trading in the unhealthy stuff for the healthy stuff without ever feeling deprived. You'll learn...

BONUSES you'll get with Class 4:

Class 5 BONUS SESSION: Question And Answer Segment

(This is where you ask me all the questions you can come up with)

This is where most books and programs fail - they give you all this great information on what to do, and if they are good they even tell you how to deal with problems, but very few if any provide you any help with the questions you may have.

Don't worry! I'm not going to bring you this far just to leave you now. This session is all about making sure you are crystal clear on everything and know what you're doing. Sure, there is Q&A time at the end of every class, but this is a bonus session just for Q&A.

Ask your questions plus learn from what everyone else that has taken the class has asked me about too.

Here's What You'll Get In The "Building Blocks For Healthy Living" Workshop

1) Healthy Living 4 Week Classes (Recordings Sent In Video And Audio Formats)

My complete training, where I walk you step-by-step through the 4 classes outlined above plus the bonus Q&A call.

2) 5 One-On-One Sessions With Me (Yes, You Read That Correctly!!)

After watching or listening to the recording of that week's class, you book a session with me (by phone or Skype) to talk it over, ask your questions and figure out the best ways to implement it in your life right away. I am right there holding you accountable to watching a class each week and talking to me about what you learned and most importantly, what you are going to do with that information.

3) Online Accountability Journal That I Look Over

This is the most important part of making sure you implement the changes you say you are going to. You will have a private online journal to enter your daily progress. Best of all, I will personally look this over and put comments with encouragement, suggestions or improvements.Without this part, you would just be learning but not necesarily living what you're learning.

4) "Done-For-You" Goodies GALORE: Templates, Checklists, Spreadsheets, Cheat Sheets, And Summaries

This workshop is all about YOU easily getting to your best health and that means there just isn't time for you to do it all yourself. I want to empower you to get RESULTS instead of the figuring it all out on your own, piecing everything together from a zillion other trainings, or (eek!) sinking time and money into costly mistakes.

That's why I've LOADED this program with "done for you" elements, straight from my own life - they're what I've personally used for years.

Given that your time is priceless, it's truly hard to put a price on the VALUE of the HOURS you'll save with the tools and templates I've created for you.

What this means for you is that this collection of cheat sheets, outlines, templates and fill in the blanks spreadsheets alone is EASILY worth 3x the investment in this program alone.

5) Healthy Living Workshop Notes

The heart of your workshop is the pages of step-by-step training material that will guide you through the entire system in detail.

You'll get notes with every training class, so you can easily review your favorite parts of the training. Also included is the entire collection of done-for-you goodies that will help you breeze through implementing this system, step-by-step.

6) Transcripts Of Each Training Session

You'll get transcripts of every class - perfect for quick reference, or if you prefer to read instead of listening or watching a video.

7) Email Access To Dr. Karen

You will be able to email me during the entire 4 week course with any questions or comments you have. I know that some people need a little extra help so this is it...if you need me I'm there for you by email every day.

"Yes, Dr. Karen! Count me IN to learn how to lose weight and keep it off, with you holding my hand every step of the way."

I understand that by enrolling in the workshop, I'll receive...

All this for just $297

You would probably be investing less on your transformation (learning how to lose weight and keep it off for life) than you spend each month on the foods, drinks and snacks that have been keeping you overweight!

My guarantee - you follow my system and you WILL lose weight by the end of the classes or your money back.

P.S. Don't stay stuck any longer...enroll now and start losing weight THIS WEEK.

Copyright Dr. Karen Vieira 2013
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